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Pennine Timber Frame Self-Build Services

Pennine Timber Frame are involved throughout the whole Self-Build process, from the design and planning, the construction of panels in our factory, through to the complete build.

We can ensure that every part of your new home will be finished to the highest standard.

Self Build Timber FrameSelf Build Timber Frame Self Build Timber FrameSelf Build Timber Frame



We have our own team of design Engineers and architects who are able to discuss and prepare drawings based on your own design, or you can look at various previously prepared plans to suit your needs.

Once a set of working drawings have been established we can then provide you with a quotation based on your requirements. From the start you will know exactly how much your home will cost, we will not present you with a bill of “hidden extras,” the only extras will be those which you yourself specify (if any).


When using one of our websites House types, the Timber Engineering fees are included in the price. However, your attention is drawn to the following:-

Site Preparation

General site clearance such as grubbing out shrubs and hedges etc. are included in the price quoted. The price indicated is based on a level site, if there are any potential problems with the site these will be pointed out following a site inspection, and any extra costs which may be incurred in carting surplus excavated material off site will be the client’s responsibility. You will be given an indication of this cost before work starts.


All foundations are excavated to the requirements of the Local Authority and National House Building Council (NHBC) to a depth of at least 750mm, after which concrete is poured to a minimum depth of 225mm and width of 600mm. A 260mm concrete block wall is then built to the finished floor level.


On a level site we spread and compact up to 600mm depth of hardcore filling with binding before laying heavy duty polythene Damp Proof Membrane. This is followed by a 100mm Kingspan Insulation, which is in turn covered by another polythene membrane with 100mm of concrete on top The cost of floor covering is not included in the price.

Note: On sloping sites an alternative to the above may be required, this can be provided but there will be an extra cost to our standard specification.





Standard Grey Marley Modern concrete Tiles. However, planning conditions may require the use of a different roof covering which may affect the cost. Treated roof trusses at 600mm centres with wind bracing and gable ladders, covered with Breathable felt on treated battens.





All walls and ceilings emulsioned, and all woodwork Gloss painted. Ceilings in white and walls in Magnolia.



All Central Heating costs and domestic pipe work is included in the cost of the build.

N.B. No provision has been made in the price for the purchase of the following items:-

The cost of tiling the kitchen/utility room and bathroom/en-suite is not included in the quoted price.

Pennine Timber Frame can provide a service for the supply and installation of the above, within the contract price, on agreement of purchase and fitting costs.

General Exclusions: There are no provisions for water, electrical, gas or sewage connections.

This specification is supplied only as a guide, and does not form part of any contract with Pennine Timber Frame. We are always pleased to consider additional works or higher specifications. We reserve the right to alter the above specifications without notice in order to improve the quality and value for money for our clients.



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